One down, 3 or 4 more to go !

First night of the week is always a interesting one depending on how much rest I have had over the weekend. This weekend consisted of gigging Friday and Saturday night, then resting Sunday all day. Because of that I felt very well rested yesterday and was planning to hit it hard during the adults climb. Unfortunately due to odd numbers and a “newbie” which i gave my place up for, I only managed to climbs a 6A+ and a 5+ in between working out a V4 boldering problem which I keep getting stuck on. The kids session was very hectic with only me and one other volunteering supervisor in attendance. We did manage to keep the session running smoothly and all the parents and children were very happy with the evening. Now getting myself set for picking my son up from nursery, getting climbing equipment ready for this evenings climb down in Tiptree at the BigRed climbing wall with a few friends and picking up some trad equipment on my way to climbing. All go here at summitHQ at the moment.

Also on a side note I am awaiting a reply about a camera I am thinking about buying, so there may be the possibility of some better pictures popping up soon and a regular video blog!!!! Watch this space

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