Gri-Gri 2 Review

Finally got time to sit down and review the Gri-Gri 2 which has been in my possession for a month or two now. I have managed to give the Gri-Gri 2 a good run through at my local walls and a few sessions out using it as a RAD (rapid assent/Descent) system while tree climbing (more on that another time).After using a Gri-Gri 1 for quite a while when beginning climbing after my break I found many similarities between the two, The function and action are identical, the installation is the identical and use it identical. The main differences I found were: The rope diameter has changed 8.9mm to 11mm which is a great improvement as gives a wider scope of rope to use and the size of the actual unit is smaller and hence lighter. I found no difference is lowering a climber through the Gri-Gri 2 even tho the stated “progressive descent system” that is meant to help reduce the risk of lowering a climber to quick by grabbing the handle. I haven’t had much luck lead belaying through the unit yet but have only tried a handful of times, and also the Gri-Gri 2 was new and I found it takes a bit of “bedding in”.

All in all it is a class piece of kit and every indoor/crag/tree climber should have one in their kit bags. Great for belaying a heavier climber or if you are slightly worried when getting lifted off the floor as a belayer as it will “brake” if you panic and remove a hand. Great for new climbers to gain confidence and for more experienced alike.

Apologies for the “clinical pictures” as the snaps of actual use decided to disappear when I restored my iPhone “Grrrrr”, but did manage to take some pictures using my Canon DSLR. Any questions or comment please feel free as I appreciate the feedback and interaction.

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