Abit more about me

So as none of you will be aware this week has been pretty busy on all fronts. With climbing 3 times this week and band rehearsal coming up plus climbing tomorrow night with the wife (her first go), it has been abit manic. I thought I would give you all a bit of a insight into what I’m up to at the moment with a quick run though of what I do work wise.  Currently I work 2/3 days a week in a garage doing all the mechanical work which comes in, while in the evening trying to build (slowly) a clientele and portfolio for social media management. Beyond my mechanical and engineering background I was heavily involved in the IT industry and networking sector which was great at the time but ended up abit to cut throat for me, hence moving on to engineering and mechanical services. During the middle of last year I decided to open a IT retail shop which as I found out wasn’t very successful (retail premises in town are so expensive). Plus everyone shops online now! Even me, but it’s hard work as a retailer to sell products to people who come in to see it then purchase it online. When that started happening more and more I decided that I wasn’t making enough money and went back to the garage trade. I have realised that I can’t continue that (lower back health issues) and have always fancied a digital nomad job. So I’m giving social media management a crack and have my first client meeting next Thursday (fingers crossed). Any tips or tricks for any digital nomad job would be greatly appreciated.  

A bit more insight in to my world, plenty more to spill as time goes on. 
P.s. don’t forget to support your local small businesses. Wth out them it will be a very boring and bland world. 

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