Visit to The CRAGG in Stowemarket

Many moon have past since I last visited The Cragg indoor climbing wall in Stowemarket. I last visited the establishment when it had just opened (a while ago now), So I thought that last Friday was the best time to revisit The Cragg. Myself and three other Colchester climbing club members (Justin, Emma and Sasha) jumped into my vehicle and headed down just after tea time. After the usual rigmarole of signing declarations and membership forms we got stuck into a bit of light bouldering. Shortly after warming up on a few basic bouldering routes me and Justin headed over to the top rope section and hit a few easy lines up the wall. Now I would like to state a few facts before I divulge into the next section, first of all I was rocking a very annoying lower back ache and a bit of pain in my shoulder from a previous injury. Secondly Justin had a funny right ankle/leg/foot from a cross fit injury from the previous day. As we decided to take it easy and to not injure our selfs any further we took easy routes up the wall, BUT (here we go) stupidly I thought we would liven things up by suggesting that we could one foot smear up a very easy climb ( only using hands on holds and one Foot against the wall). That was a stupid idea! after getting three quarters of the way up and completely tiring myself out (also pulling my shoulder even more) I descended back to the ground and instantly regretted my decision “doh”. After the shenanigans I tried to climb a 6A+ to little effect due to being a plum earlier on the wall which put bit of a damper on the rest of nights proceedings. The bouldering area and the walls/slabs are great! some really good climbs with a few really technical climbs which I got stumped looking at (not hard). The staff were extremely friendly and a good laugh in the climbing area. Looking forward to another visit in a few weeks time.

Would recommend a visit to anyone nearby or visiting.

Next: Another trip to The Castle in London.

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