Another trip to The Castle in London

The time had come again to give one of my favourite indoor climbing venues another visit. So 10.30 on Monday morning myself, My wife (who had a meeting in London), Sasha and Paul (both climbing friends of mine) Jumped into my car and pottered down to Stoke Newington. We once again arrived on site and after struggling to find a parking spot headed into The Castle. After a warm up with stretches and a bit of light bouldering we headed to the Comp wall next to the cafe and started to hit a few problems on the wall. After various attempts on different bouldering walls and top rope climbs we decided to head outside to the external bouldering area, Wow the sun was shining and we almost had the area to our self! what more could you ask for. Sasha who is on a long holiday from Colorado in the United States of America seemed pretty impressed with her first visit to The Castle which I am personally glad I managed to get her to visit while she is still in the country. After a few more climbs we decided is was a good idea to head to the cafe for a coffee and a famous chocolate brownie ( you really have to try one). Shortly after our pitstop I had to pop over to central London to pick the wife up which cut my climbing habit short but I did leave the other two there to climb for another hour. It was a great day and some cracking weather to top it off.

I am hoping next time I visit to record a Vblog of my experience visiting The Castle, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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