Its that time of year for our first family outing to Teignmouth in south Devon. Two to three times a year we make the 4-5 hour journey to the opposite side of the country to visit my grand parents. After a early start on Sunday morning (4am leave time) we made it into Teignmouth for about 8.30am. We then proceeded to get settled into our holiday apartment which we will be calling home for the rest of the week. After a short rest we walked down to the sea front to meet up with the grandparents and had a small trip along the seafront. Monday morning opportunity ofย a climb presented itself, So I headed up to Exeter and visited The Quay climbing centre. Well what a venue! great walls, Auto belays and some great bouldering caves. After a great climb during the morning we visited a farm shop called Dart Farm. After a lengthy browse (various depts, with a outdoor and climbing section!) we sat down to chow down with some fantastic pies and cheese. Tuesday involved plenty more exploration of local areas and some fantastic grub at a Italian restaurant. During our exploration of Exeter I visited a outdoor and climbing shop called Taunton Leisure, After a lengthy chat with the salesman I was sold a pair of Scarpa V2 fluro’s which are a slightly more aggressive shoe than what I already own (review to come soon). Another opportunity presented itself in the way of a second hand kayak which was to cheap to say no to. The following few days have involved lots of walking around and shopping at various locations. Will update with some more pictures and info in the forth coming days.

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