Time away, time again & time wasted

Firstly apologies for lack of content in the last few weeks. This has been due to overwhelming activities/illness/family issues/work (delete as appropriate). Secondly we (the family) were very sad to have to say goodbye to South Devon at the end of our visit to such a beautiful piece of the country. Apart from being completely shattered from the activities planned we had really enjoyed ourself and didn’t want to leave at the end off the week. Upon returning home I have been extremely busy sorting both sides of work out and trying to fit in the usual climbing and the addition of a return to the kayaking scene.

A trip out on the Stour! On bank holiday Monday I ended up at a loose end (no climbing club on bank holidays) and decided it would be a chance to stretch my paddles with a friend down on the river Stour between Essex and Suffolk.

WOW did I feel like a newbie again, I struggled paddling in a straight line and with my balance for a while which was rather embarrassing. As the saying goes “just like riding a bike” (lies) it took a Short stretch and I started finding my feet again (or a straight line at least) and began enjoying the evening paddle. Looking forward to getting in the pool soon and practicing some drills I haven’t done in a long time.

More activities and photos soon!


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