To climb or not to climb!

That is the question Or the later a fact with a injury.

over the last week and a bit I have been trying to up my weekly climbing intake after having time off on holiday. Which was great! I haver been out trying to slim down my tree climbing kit and also perfect my technique for getting rope up a tree (slow progress). Also been purchasing climbing equipment namely hms carabiners ready for our next anchor training weekend.

My trusty JetBoil has been in its element during the tree climbing escapades with keeping me and my good friend Paul (new to tree climbing) hydrated with coffee.

I will be posting some pictures of my reduced kit and also be performing some reviews of my new equipment in the new future.

Now the later bit of my title come into force with a injury I sustained on Monday evening. While trying dyno a 6A+ route on a overhang which was only a few feet of the ground, I missed and came crashing to the ground on my feet which transferred the shock to my left calf muscles. Which has caused me to have to stay off my feet as my left calf and shin has swollen and has been rather painful to walk on. Slowly healing but am fairly guttered I haven’t been able to climb this week 😦

Watch this space as I have some awesome news to broadcast soon and something which some of my readers/companies might be able to help me with.

For now,




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