News of sorts

A few posts ago I spoke of some news that I would be unveiling. I was hoping to have a few more bits sorted before the news but now is good as ever. It has been agreed by the boss and the family that we will be going on a European tour next summer in a converted VW T4.

So preparations have already begun, keeping a eye out for a lwb T4 for the tour vehicle. I have been making small purchases of various camping and touring items such as plates, cups, electric cool box etc. 

I have also been thinking about how to keep the kids entertained during our trip and have started modifying a old PS3 to run off a leisure battery. We have also sorted through our massive collection of DVD’s to fit into a 400 odd cd wallet, the space we have saved is amazing and it’s all in one easy to find place ready for the trip away.  I will be blogging our trip away and all the leading prep up to the trip and if anyone wants to donate (or sponsor?) or would like and product reviewed while we are away please feel free to get in touch. 


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