Ready, Set, PACK!

The time is soon dawning upon me, The yearly North Wales climbing trip with Colchester Climbing Club.

Now……. I have a bit off as problem! I am one of these over planning type people who has to be prepared for every eventuality and possible disaster. It has its advantages and disadvantages, The main issue it causes me is the fact that I like to be packed and ready at the soonest moment!

I am departing merry little Colchester on this Friday eve, I was packed last week! although I am glad I pre-empted as I have managed to shave a few items of the list.

We are going to be leaving base at 5PM and should arrive at the campsite at the base of Tryfan somewhere between 10-11PM (head torch tent assembly required). A return journey will be put in to effect sometime around Sunday tea time.

Weather is meant to be superb and hopefully a good few days climbing will be rewarded!

Watch this space for a full report on the climbing and camp site!



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