On a side note, Testing required

Upon planning for the Wales trip this weekend I decided that I wanted to stay lightweight with the cooking arrangement.

I came up with the plan that I would use boil in the bag meals in my jetboil, Now I had to test it before taking the plunge to Wales and set about purchasing a meal from a local outdoor retailer.

Me and paul headed off to the local woods where I tree climb and decided to set the DD Hammock up and get the Jetboil working to see how the meal would “cook”.

Impressed never the less, It worked perfectly (apart form remembering to adjust the flame once the water boils) 10 minutes later I have a delicious all day breakfast and some water left over for a couple of brews. It only took the standard “two cups of water” and the bag was submerged and fitted perfectly in the Jetboil Flash. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a lightweight and easy cooking system while out on trails etc.

More about this once I return from my trip.


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